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BRABUS Private Aviation

Premium Design and Completions for VIP and Executive Jets

Matching the design style of the cabin, BRABUS Private Aviation designers also create extraordinary exterior designs, which give each jet its very own individual character. BRABUS Private Aviation focuses on existing or new heavyjets, such as Bombardier Global Express, Challenger aircraft families, as well as Dassault Falcon series. Larger business liners can be customized as well.

Together with the BRABUS Private Aviation designers, aircraft owners can either custom-tailor their very own personal cabin design from the ground up or request one of the design lines presented at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition EBACE 2012, May 14 - 16 in Geneva, Switzerland. The two design lines called “ELEGANCE” and “SPORTIVE” for the Bombardier Global Express represent the signature, BRABUS design style automotive enthusiasts from all over the globe, are familiar with.

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