AirClub – The World’s Leading Corporate Jet Alliance

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AirClub – The World’s Leading Corporate Jet Alliance

Eight top European business jet operators join forces to create first ever corporate jet alliance

On the December 11th 2012 eight of Europe’s leading corporate jet operators, ACM AIR CHARTER, Air Alsie, AIR HAMBURG, Corporatejets, FLYINGGROUP, GlobeAir, Masterjet and PrivatAir announced establishment of the world’s first corporate jet alliance, AirClub. As pioneers in their industry, the operators join forces to create one of the largest fleet of corporate jets worldwide, offering their customers even more flexibility and availability whilst enhancing premium customer service.

Founded in Geneva on October 30th 2012, AirClub has made it its mission to be a pioneer in business aviation, executing leadership by using agreed values, principals and processes, thereby setting new industry standards that others seek to imitate. All AirClubs members operate to the highest standards in the aviation industry, ensuring the safety of employees, customers and suppliers.

Starting in 2013, the eight alliance members will accumulate their resources and know-how, providing a wider range of solutions and more tailored approaches to their customer´s needs. AirClub will enable its members to offer customers those services and products that as individual operators they would not be able to provide; asset management of many diverse aircraft types, greater choice of charter aircraft ranging from very light jets to corporate airliners as well as a broader selection of home bases. The alliance will be able to cater to the customer’s every need and desire, delivering premium service and hospitality with one and the same devout alliance spirit.

“We strive to launch our AirClub online booking system, allowing customers to choose from a vast, diversified fleet located all over Europe, as well as a special member’s program to complement the latter early next year. Booking a private jet through our online system will be as easy as renting a car!”
Christian Hatje, Chairman

Other operators may be invited to participate in AirClub in the future.

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