Air Cruises: Designing Dream Journeys

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Air Cruises: Designing Dream Journeys

PrivatAir Crew

  • Understanding our clients’ specific expectations we provide the right aircraft to suit their individual needs. We are your secure gateway to various aircraft types through our carefully selected partners worldwide.
  • Our crews are on board to make the journey truly memorable, through personal, dedicated care and delightful attention to local detail at every destination.
  • Our team on the ground excels at putting together exceptional itineraries that take into account all aspects with meticulous care – the cultural as well as the practical.

Taking private jet travel to another level

The preparation:

Our crews are fully aware that an air cruise is a journey of a lifetime. They put all their effort into the details that make the difference. Clients receive a brochure with a personal note from each crew member as a warm introduction. The team is always multi-lingual. At each destination, local food is served, local colours and trinkets may make an appearance. The crews excel in the subtle exercise of finding the right balance, to make the journey memorable in every way.

The possibilities:

Organising travel on a private jet allows for great flexibility in the choice of itinerary. An air cruise can range from a one-week European tour with stopovers in the most exciting cities to an African adventure over 2 weeks for a real feel of the continent, or a 3-week journey around the world with a fabulous pick of the most diverse destinations. A private aircraft allows for such journeys to be both smooth and comfortable. 

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